Our Drug Free Workplace Certification Consultation Services make the process easy for you, save you money on your insurance and increase productivity of your business.

Small Businesses are most vulnerable!

  • 10% of adult full-time workers are current users of illicit drugs
  • Employees in companies with fewer than 25 employees are
    twice as likely to use illicit drugs
  • Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent
    eight or more days a year.
  • Substance abusers are 1/3 less productive

We make the process EASY for you:

  • Consultation to explain the process
  • We write the policies, letters, and forms for you
  • You receive a printed copy with labels explaining the purpose of each document
  • You receive a CD-ROM with the documents to print on your letterhead
  • We provide a monthly training newsletter for your employees
  • We provide step-by-step instructions for the entire process
  • We are a resource throughout the year
  • We remind you to renew every year!

What will it cost?

1st Year Georgia Certification - $350
Georgia Renewals - $225
If your annual premium in Georgia is $4,333 or more, then you'll cover
the cost of the fee and still save money!

We recommend using a local lab for drug testing rather than in-house tests.
Fees usually vary between $20 - $40 per test depending on the locality
and other factors.

Expectations of Your Business

  • Train your employees - we make this easy!
  • Limited Drug Testing - You do NOT have to test your entire workforce
    • Pre-Hire
    • Post-Accident/Injury
    • Reasonable Suspicion
    • Random Testing is optional in many states

Articles of Interest

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Yes, we are committed to meeting the standards of the Georgia Drugfree Workplace Program and would like certification!

Have questions about our program? Feel free to call us toll-free at 800-353-3032.